Transportation experts offer tips on how to save on gas

Gas prices are at an 11-year low this Labor Day, which is good news for the 30 million Americans on the road for the holiday, but there are also ways to save even more.

Transportation experts say one way to cut down on the amount of gas you use is to optimize your driving habits with apps like Automatic.

It hooks up to your smartphone and chirps when you brake too hard or accelerate too fast, burning fuel and money.

"We spend anywhere from about probably $650 to $800 a month on gas. There's a lot of other really great things we could be putting that money toward," blogger Sarah Ollenberger said.

Another tip is to battle traffic with apps like Google Maps. They'll tell you just how fast or slow traffic is moving, helping you to avoid the jam.

Finally, you can pay for your gas in cash. Some gas stations charge less if you skip the credit card.
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