BART issues persist as officials work to make a change

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- BART is the most widespread mass transit system in the Bay-- but BART is not at its healthiest. From drugs to cleanliness to safety, the transit agency is facing a host of issues. Rider satisfaction is at a record low.

According to a recent survey of 5,000 customers, BART's approval rating is at a new low.

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Bevan Dufty, Board President, said, "My analogy is it's kind of the report card I wouldn't rush home to show my parents."

Jim Allison, a BART spokesperson, said, "Our focus on the quality of life issues is the right focus and we need to do more."

Riders agree.

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"You see a lot of homeless people sleeping on there, taking care of their personal business on the trains, doing drugs things like that," said BART rider Alex Veech.

A video that went viral last summer shows drug addicts shooting up as commuters walked through the Civic Center station.

There were also three different videos showing the same passenger on three different days smoking meth openly on BART trains.

But BART's biggest recent crisis came last July when 18-year-old Nia Wilson was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack at the MacArthur Station in Oakland.

Nia's death prompted community outrage and new concerns about the safety of its passengers.

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"I am nervous, I am more aware of my surroundings and I don't trust people anymore and that's sad. Cause it never used to be like that," said a BART rider.

And then there are the fare evaders. Our cameras did nothing to deter fare evaders at Civic Center Station.

BART says that kind of behavior is costing them millions.

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