BART track repairs may cause backups, big crowds over Labor Day weekend

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Labor Day weekend is here and if your holiday plans involve riding BART, beware and prepare for another round of bus bridges in the East Bay due to track repairs.

"I guess it has to be done and it's labor day weekend," said one BART rider.

Many are getting ready for round three of East Bay track repairs between West Oakland and 19th Street stations.

That means bus bridges will run all weekend long, like they did last weekend when many riders were surprised to be sharing the platform with big crowds caught in the transfer.

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"It was insane. It was like sardines," said another BART riders.

BART shared video of a repair job showing the replacing of a section of track near the West Oakland station as 4,000 feet of rail is being swapped. Wooden railroad ties are being upgraded to concrete.

The job comes on a busy weekend. CAL football has its season opener. The A's are playing at the Coliseum, and the Giants play at AT&T Park. Some attendees have changed their transportation plans, taking Uber or a cab into the city.

BART plans to have a lot of guides, helping riders navigate the bus bridges.

BART shared a statement with ABC7 News: "We really appreciate the understanding of our riders. The short-term inconvenience will pay major dividends with a more reliable service in the long run."

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