Bay Area LIFE: The latest in eyewear trends that give the perfect fit

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Revelly eyewear is designed for a universal fit. A common problem for eyeglass wearers with a low nose bridge is finding frames, with a perfect fit.

Revelly founder Tu Rash says most glasses are made for traditional European faces with taller nose bridges, so people who don't fit that mold don't get the best fit. Aside from falling off, traditional glasses for people with low nose bridges sit too close to the face and eyes, hits the eyelashes, causes the lens to fog, and hits the cheekbones.

Revelly makes frames for men, women and youth with numerous color and style combinations, in prescription and sunglasses. The company also offers a "live" virtual try-on online from a computer, to see how a pair of Revelly glasses look on your face.

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