Bay Area protesters rally behind Affordable Care Act

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- Protesters gathered in the Bay Area from as far north as Santa Rosa, to as far south as San Jose to rally behind the Affordable Care Act Saturday.

Hundreds joined in the day of action to protect the future of health care.

A small group of demonstrators stood on El Camino Real in San Mateo, urging lawmakers to spare their health care.

Breen Mullins says he's lucky that for now, he's covered. "The only reason I have it is because Obamacare required my employer to provide it. It's a terrible plan, but it's keeping me alive," Mullins said.

In San Jose, dozens caught the attention of drivers outside Santana Row. "I'm here to celebrate ACA was not overturned," Cathy Forte said. She says the Affordable Care Act covered her 24-year-old son's hospital stay after he suffered several strokes. "It saved his life. I'm so joyful," she said.

The Senate's failure to pass repeal legislation for Obamacare this week may be a temporary victory for those who want to keep it.

President Trump tweeted Saturday demanding the Senate takes another try at repealing the bill before voting on anything else.
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