'Bluey' producers talk about its surprise success and future of the show

ByReggie Aqui and Eric Shackelford KGO logo
Thursday, August 11, 2022
'Bluey' producers talk about its surprise success, future of the show
Producers of "Bluey" talk about its surprise success and the future of the show.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- How dedicated are the producers of the hit children's show "Bluey?" They were up past midnight talking about the show with ABC7's Reggie Aqui. That's because "Bluey" is based in Australia, but its impact is felt around the world.

The team reflected on the show's rise to success as season three is now available on Disney+. "That we were just on TV was a big thing for us in Australia, and that was huge," show producer Daley Pearson explained. He added that they noticed prominent figures started imitating games that were on "Bluey," including an ex-prime minister, and that's when they realized something special was happening.

The format is also children (and binge) friendly as each episode is only seven minutes long. The show's creator gets ideas for episodes from his own life with his two children. Season three was written during the pandemic lockdown, so there's a lot of focus on games and scenes at home.

So what's next? A ride at Disneyland would be great, but producer Sam Moor said that's not in the works yet. However, a play is coming to New York and it's based on the show. It debuts later this year.

For now, you'll just need to enjoy the new season of "Bluey" on Disney+.

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