'Game of Thrones' actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright brings Bran Stark to SF -- but no spoilers

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- "Game of Thrones" actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright, the actor who plays Bran Stark, made an appearance Friday in San Francisco and once again proved that fans know nothing.

A question and answer time at the AT&T San Francisco Flagship was filled with theories about how the series, in its final season, will end, and how his character fits into it.

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He's definitely not the Night King, or at least he doesn't know that -- moving on, next question.

The store was stocked with props and outfits from the set, as well as a virtual reality experience simulating a fight against the army of the dead.

Fans also had an opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne and take a 3D "bullet time" photo to share with friends.

Hempstead-Wright was very tight lipped about spoilers, especially about his long-awaited reunion with the controversial Kingslayer Jamie Lannister.

"I don't know, clearly Bran has got something to say to him...he's been waiting up for him for hours and hours," said Hempstead-Wright. "He doesn't give much away, but we'll have to see."

It's been 10 years of waiting for the rabid fan base, so a few more weeks of anxious excitement won't hurt.
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