Police, protesters clash in Brentwood, 2nd night of tension after man hanged effigy from noose

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Sunday, November 8, 2020
Protesters, police clash after man hangs dummy with Biden sign
About 100 people showed up for a march in Brentwood that was meant to bring attention to what they describe as "blatant racism" after Eric Harvey, a resident who was described as a Trump supporter, hanged an effigy from his roof this week.

BRENTWOOD, Calif. (KGO) -- Protesters were met with heavy police presence on Friday night, outside the home of a Brentwood resident.

Eric Harvey has been identified as the Brentwood resident and President Donald Trump supporter who hanged an effigy from his roof, earlier this week.

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There is outrage Thursday night in the community of Brentwood as a man by the name of Eric Harvey hung a dummy from a noose off of his roof. Black Lives Matter advocates showed up at the house to protest.

Before being taken down on Thursday, the dummy wore a sign that read, "Sleepy Joe (Cheater)."

On Friday, a planned protest led to tense moments that at one point turned physical between Brentwood Police officers and protesters.

About 100 people showed up for the march that was meant to bring attention to what they describe as "blatant racism."

"We are not okay with the idea of anyone being hung from a noose because it portrays racism," Community Activist Shagoofa Khan told ABC7 News.

The homeowner said he was upset about what happened Wednesday night with the presidential voting count.

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Earlier Friday, Sky7 was overhead as the group first gathered at Brentwood City Park.

The crowd later marched to police headquarters and opened the floor to those with any criticism of the city's officers.

The protesters then continued to Harvey's home.

"This is not okay, having someone being hung-whoever he is, or whoever he or she or whatever prop they're using- being hung is not okay because it brings a lot of trauma to the BIPOC, the people of color," Khan shared.

ABC7 News captured Brentwood businesses boarding up their storefronts, anticipating crowds.

This is an action Khan didn't feel was necessary.

"We're not here to riot. We are not here to break anything. We are here to just bring awareness," she explained. "And Brentwood, unfortunately, is a city that has not protested enough -- for not only the Black Lives Matter movement, but there are so many racial inequities within the city council, within the educational system, alongside the police department."

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Regarding Harvey, Brentwood Police said that according to the DA's office, a crime was not committed. However, the department has forwarded the case to the Secret Service.

Regarding the heavy police presence on Friday, PD said with any protest, they preplan and add additional staffing.

Lt. Walter O'Grodnick said the California Highway Patrol assisted with traffic control on Sellers Ave. and Brentwood Blvd .for a short period, while protesters moved south on Brentwood Blvd. towards the police department.

He said the Multi-Agency Mobile Field Force (MAMFF) assisted with the protest.

Lt. O'Grodnick confirmed one protester was arrested for battery on an officer, adding others threw objects at the officers.

He said no one was seriously injured.

"We support those who protest peacefully, but will not tolerate destructive or combative behavior," O'Grodnick shared.