President George H.W. Bush's custom-made train finishes its journey to final resting place

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Friday, December 7, 2018
Bush 4141 called to its next mission
President George H.W. Bush to be transported to Texas A&M presidential library aboard Bush 4141.

HOUSTON, Texas -- After spending years sitting in waiting, President George H.W. Bush's custom-painted train Bush 4141 took him on his final ride on Thursday.

Painted to resemble Air Force One, Union Pacific railroad honored President Bush with Bush 4141 back in 2005.

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Dave Ward was given an exclusive tour of the funeral train that carried President George H.W. Bush's casket from Houston to College Station.

Unlike other engines on the rails, Bush 4141 is the only one to have ever been driven by its namesake and a former U.S. president.

Michael Iden, who worked closely with the crew to create Bush 4141, was aboard the historic ride.

Iden says Bush requested to take a tour of the locomotive the day after it was dedicated to him.

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"The president looked at us and said with a smile on his face, 'Do you mind if I take it on a drive?'" Iden said.

After a brief lesson, Bush took control of the train and went on his first ride.

Since then, Bush 4141 has been in storage.

The locomotive was called to duty to transport President Bush from Houston to his final resting place at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library behind the Texas A&M campus.

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