Peninsula salon owner considers going to Napa to do hair amid COVID-19 pandemic

BURLINGAME, Calif. (KGO) -- ABC7 News is committed to Building a Better Bay Area by focusing on our health, workplace, education and economy. The backbone of a thriving economy is thriving businesses. Most Bay Area hair salons and barber shops are not allowed to reopen yet, and many business owners say they are getting fed up waiting.

"I'm very disappointed," said Jeff Silverman, owner of U.K. Hair in Burlingame.

Silverman thought he was reopening after hearing Governor Gavin Newsom's announcement Tuesday.

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"It was a little confusing at first because we thought everywhere was going to be open," Silverman said. "Come to find out, it doesn't include most of the Bay Area."

Silverman has been closed since March 15. He's lost more than $100,000 in revenue.

"My first thought was, you know what, let's see where is open," he said. "Napa is open! I should take my clients and go up to Napa and do hair there."

It's tempting for Silverman, especially because he can't afford to wait much longer.

Neither can his employees.

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"The next best thing would be to go somewhere where we can work," Silverman said.

According to an ABC7 data analysis, 72% of Bay Area businesses, like Silverman's, employ 10 people or less. Their livelihood are dependent upon opening their doors, and following the governor's new directive, Silverman says he is ready.

"All our clients are going to be waiting outside, six feet apart," Silverman said. "We're going to be taking their temperature and texting them to come in."

But, he can't wait much longer.

"We're counting the seconds, we want to open ASAP."

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