South Bay mom creates elaborate Halloween display on front lawn for terminally-ill son

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Saturday, October 19, 2019
South Bay mom creates elaborate Halloween display on front lawn for terminally-ill son
A haunted clown carnival is catching the attention of many in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood and beyond the scary clowns, there is a deeper reason for the ghoulish display.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A haunted clown carnival is catching the attention of many in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood.

The Jimenez family has opened up their front lawn to a league of evil clowns.

"Every kind of bad dream you might associate with clowns is pretty much here," Carmen Padilla told ABC7 News. "There's so many different things in here to be scared of."

Padilla said she's noticed large Halloween displays outside the home before, but this year's detail forced her to pull over and check it out.

She and her friend, Jason Avina spent a few minutes staring into the faces of dozens of evil clowns.

"I've never seen so many clowns in one spot," Avina said. "This is probably the most I've ever seen anywhere in the Bay Area for sure."

Avina was not a fan of one clown in particular. It stands much taller than 6-feet, with bright red hair and a blood-stained grin.

"Definitely that's up there for the scariest. That guy, because he's pretty murderous looking," Avina admitted to ABC7 News.

The clown he's referring to is not only "murderous looking," it's motion detecting.

However, the clowns didn't scare 8-year-old Kiaan Saini. His mom said they've visited the Vernon Avenue home two days in a row.

When asked if he's frightened, he confidently responded, "No, I'm not afraid."

It's the crowds and the company keeping Christopher Jimenez's Halloween spirits high.

"When the screaming or laughing goes on, he breaks out into the laugh you just heard," his mother, Shelly Jimenez said. "And it just, it melts my heart."

Jimenez said Christopher and his twin sister Kayla were born at 26 weeks. At 24-years, both have varying disabilities.

Christopher is terminally-ill. Jimenez said Christopher suffers from brain damage, cerebral palsy, lung disease and his vision is almost gone. These are reasons why she started planning the display in August, with much of the work being completed in September.

Jimenez said there was a very good reason behind the evil clown carnival theme as well.

"I'm hoping that when that last little part of his eye, when the vision is gone, that he can remember the colors and the lights," Jimenez explained. "Something he's always enjoyed. He's always enjoyed bright, bright lights."

She said Christopher's condition keeps the family inside their home most days, but this Halloween display is bringing out their neighbors.

"Due to Christopher's fragile health, we are confined to our home because he has a terminal lung disease," Jimenez said. "So, we're not able to be out in the public because of illnesses. A cold could kill him."

ABC7 News was there as Jimenez took Christopher around the display. The 24-year-old played with the biggest clown, let out a few big laughs, and expressed his excitement.

Jimenez, Kayla and Christopher greeted crowds of neighbors as the evening went on.

The family is handing out treats for kids, every day until Halloween. On October 31st, they'll hand out traditional carnival goodies for those collecting candy.

"It just shows the love and heart that she has for her son," San Jose resident, Carmen Padilla said. "And to do something like this, that's pretty awesome."

She said the display has attracted many visitors and hopes that will continue through to Halloween.

"No one knows how much it means to us," Jimenez said.