Have your checked your smoke alarm today?

BRISBANE, Calif. (KGO) -- Deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning are at their highest during the winter months. At about this time of year, ABC7, Kidde and The Home Depot get together to increase awareness of fire and carbon monoxide safety. ABC7's Lyanne Melendez has a few good pointers to keep you safe.

You would think that by now, every home should be equipped with smoke detectors.

Firefighters responding to a home emergency are often surprised to see what they discover.

"There's no smoke detector or there is one but it looks like the battery is out, the exits are blocked with stuff or other items," explained Lt. Jonathan Baxter, spokesperson for the San Francisco Fire Department.

Hoping stories like this one will help educate people, Kidde, The Home Depot and ABC7 have their yearly campaign to help raise awareness.

With the help of fire departments, the donated devices are handed out to people who need them.

"This is the ninth year here in the Bay Area and through the nine years, we've been able to donate about 32,000 smoke and carbon monoxide alarms into the area," said Jessica Byrd with Kidde, who also coordinates the "Operation Save a Life" campaign.

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, three out of five deaths during a home fire occur because there was no smoke alarm or it wasn't working.

And here's another fact, these working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in a reporter home fire in half.

Fire departments want people know that if you rent a home or apartment, your landlord must provide a device.

"If you do not have a smoke alarm in there, although it is required by the property owner to have, we will still give you one," explained Lt. Baxter

Also, even if you have fire and carbon monoxide devices, don't forget to have an exit plan and discuss it with your family.

Firefighters say know how you will react once you hear that beep.
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