Walnut Creek dry cleaners helps first responders 'quarantine' their uniforms amid coronavirus pandemic

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic is treacherous and the last thing those workers need is to deal with their potentially contaminated clothing when they get home.

Dutch Girl Cleaners in Walnut Creek has stepped in to help.

"How can we give back to them," said owner Michelle Baughman. "They are exposed to this on a daily basis and they've taken an honor, and oath to do this so we got together and said we've got to be the ones to help the medical staff, the first responders and paramedics dealing with this day to day. We need to clean and sanitize their clothing at no charge. "

The cleaners picks up the uniforms and drops them off from work places including local fire stations and the Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek Police Departments.

"This really helps us and gives us the opportunity to quarantine our uniforms in essence," said Sgt. Ryan Hibbs. "We don't have to take them home and expose our loved ones to the things we've been exposed to throughout our workday."

As for scrubs, medical workers normally pop those into the washer and dryer at home. This free dry cleaning offer keeps the scrubs out of medical workers homes and safeguards their families.

Dry cleaning workers who sanitized the uniforms wear personal protective gear themselves.

The word has gotten out and the response to the free dry cleaning has quadrupled in the last week.

Sgt. Hibbs said "It's another added layer of safety for us and we couldn't be more grateful."

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