Coronavirus: SFUSD considers giving students automatic A's amid COVID-19 pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The San Francisco Unified School District is considering awarding all middle and high school students with a 4.0 GPA for the current term instead of using the pass/fail system recommend from the state.

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A decision on the proposal will not be made until later this month, but in Tuesday's nearly 7 hour school board meeting the idea of giving all students within the SFUSD an "A" picked up a lot of support.

The proposal is in major contrast from the state's recommendation of using a pass/fail system to evaluate students while school's remained closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The proposal takes into account the unprecedented nature of schools being closed over COVID-19 and the disparities in online, distance learning for those who don't have the resources to log online.

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The proposal would only affect middle and high school students since elementary schools in the district don't hand out letter grades.

However, there is some concern among board members about how handing out a 4.0 grade-point average to all students in the district would affect college admissions.

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There was also plenty of discussion on whether giving all students an "A" for this semester may disincentivize distance learning, in other words why try for the rest of the semester, if you know you're going to get an "A" anyway?

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