'I underestimated how serious my illness would be': Coronavirus survivors describe path to recovery

MARIN COUNTY, Calif (KGO) -- COVID-19 survivors describe difficult recoveries: Even if you do not know someone directly afflicted with coronavirus, you have certainly heard of others.

Singer-songwriter John Prine died last night.

Actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, recovered.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to intensive care.

They're all public figures, and proof that COVID-19 can also hit notable people, even locally.

"I underestimated how serious my illness would be," said Dr. Matt Willis of Marin County Public Health.

He announced his case more than two weeks ago and is only recently fever-free.

"At the time I was diagnosed I was optimistic," he said. "My symptoms were mild. I underestimated how serious my illness would be. I am relatively healthy but I needed help for almost everything at home."

Which leads us to another class of victims -- the home care givers.
Carmen Basurto of Windsor told ABC7 all about it.

"I had shortness of breath, fatigue very tired," she said while describing her own symptoms.

Ten of twelve family members became sick while vacationing in New Orleans last month.

Carmen's husband had it the worse. He's retired Windsor police chief Carlos Basurto.

Carmen recalled saying goodbye to him outside the the Sutter Hospital emergency room.

"You know he is getting intubated but you can't talk to him," she said. "You are at home thinking the worse but can't talk to him. I was trying to be strong for my family, knowing how my husband was sick and I couldn't be by his side, and knowing other people have died from this."
Her husband of 29 years has asthma, but had been relatively healthy.

In three weeks, retired Chief Carlos Basurto has lost 20 pounds.

"He is very weak. He still has pain in his legs. Has to do physical therapy," Carmen Basurto said.

She talked today to deliver a simple message that if you are one of those people not social distancing, take COVID-19 seriously, before it changes your attitude.

"We are blessed. God heard our prayers," said Carmen

Now, we have heard her.

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