Coronavirus testing: Still 10-day wait to get tested in SF; experts breakdown top 3 symptoms

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's still at least a 10-day wait to get a COVID-19 test through city sites in San Francisco. For many private providers, it's the same story.

We asked several people about the challenges of getting tested for coronavirus.

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Have you ever felt sick, but struggled to get a COVID test?
"I was wondering if I had to lie to get it," said Melanie Molina, a San Francisco resident who recently tried to get an appointment.

"I felt like everything should count right now, because I want to protect the people I'm around," she said.

Did you feel you needed to meet a quota of symptoms?

"She would have preferred not to have tested me," said Erin Kiekhofer, who recently returned from Palm Springs feeling sick. Kiekhofer said her provider was hesitant to give her a test, questioning specific symptoms.

"She said it was most likely a sinus infection or a cold."

Were you denied by your private provider?

"I just couldn't get tested," said Scott Kagawa, who was denied an appointment from his provider, Kaiser Permanente. "We did not want to expose our elderly parents, in case one of us was asymptomatic."

Dr. David Witt, Kaiser's lead epidemiologist said 'no symptoms, no appointment.'

"We've closed down just in the past few days some asymptomatic testing," said Dr. Witt. "We're only focusing on those with symptoms."

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Kaiser has one testing machine down, leaving the lab's processing capacity down by 4,000 tests, according to Dr. Witt.

The CDC lists 11 possible COVID symptoms online. But, which ones really indicate you should get tested?

"Almost everyone has a fever, shortness of breath, and a cough," Dr. Witt said.

To put it in perspective, 90 percent of COVID positive patients first report a cough. 80 percent report a fever. Dr. Witt said shortness of breath paired with the others usually indicates a person may already have the virus and it's farther along.

"Almost everyone who has COVID has all of those," he said.

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