San Francisco Fire Department offers CPR training at 9 fire stations

Friday, June 5, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO -- It is CPR week in San Francisco and one man says his wife's training saved his life.

Experts say effective bystander CPR doubles, or even triples a person's chance of survival if provided immediately after cardiac arrest.

David Schmidt can attest to those odds. He had a heart attack a few days before turning 45. His wife, Lyndi says her training just kicked in.

"I checked for his pulse, didn't feel a pulse and started doing CPR right away," Lyndi Schmidt said.

"Honestly, I've lost all memory of the incident and I've heard the stories," David Schmidt said. "It's almost like hearing about it happening to someone else, but I'm grateful to Lyndi and the San Francisco Fire Department."

The San Francisco Fire Department is offering hands-on CPR training at nine fire stations Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m.:

  • Station 4, 449 Mission Rock at 3rd Street
  • Station 11, 3880 26th Street at Church Street
  • Station 14, 551 26th Avenue at Geary
  • Station 15, 1000 Ocean Avenue at Phelan
  • Station 17, 1295 Shafter Street at Ingalls
  • Station 28, 1814 Stockton at Greenwich
  • Station 36, 109 Oak Street at Franklin
  • Station 38, 2150 California at Laguna
  • Station 40, 2155 18th Avenue at Rivera