'Creepy Bay Area 2:' Explore the magic and mystery of the Bay Area's eeriest spots

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Friday, October 27, 2023
'Creepy Bay Area 2:' The magic and mystery of the Bay's eeriest spots
From eccentric personalities to offbeat businesses to the mysteries of nature, we're exploring the weirdest parts of the Bay.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The strange and spooky have always had a home here in the Bay Area. From eccentric personalities to offbeat businesses to the mysteries of nature, we're exploring the weirdest parts of the Bay. It's time to get comfortable with the creepy.

We begin our journey with some offbeat businesses serving their customers something a little more... unusual. Lance Weaver of Reptile Guys brings what some might consider creepy-crawlies to venues all around the Bay Area to educate people on his favorite animals, and to offer direct exposure in order to familiarize his audience with them.

Beverly Paganucci is a self-proclaimed "hair whisperer," transforming hair with her "potions" and helping her clients realize their dreams, all at a witch-themed salon in Concord. We also make a stop at the Avenue, a bar in Oakland owned by Curtis and Tana Howard, whose love for horror movies really shines at Halloween -- but who offer cocktails and creepy atmosphere all year 'round to the delight of their guests.

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The SF Bay Area has always attracted the weird and eccentric. Join us as we tour some of the creepiest and spookiest locations around the region.

Next, magic stores and occult bookshops all around the Bay guide their clientele through a more spiritual realm. Feathered Outlaw of Alameda sells house-made remedies and is home to a cadre of practitioners including Reiki energy workers, tarot readers, astrologers, and tea leaf reading and tea ceremony ritual masters.

Ancient Ways in Oakland has a more do-it-yourself approach, offering all the tools one needs for their spiritual practices, while also offering candle dressing and tarot readings.

In Santa Cruz, Moon Kissed values the diversity of religious practices from all over the world, encouraging learning about other paths and connecting with each other.

Finally, we go in search of mysterious animals known as "cryptids" -- some of which are believed to be lurking here in the wild parts of the Bay Area.

The co-hosts of the "MonsterTalk" podcast bring their insight to our hunt, as we start with the Lake Merritt Monster. The monster surfaces in the heart of Oakland, inspiring filmmaker Benjamin Mulholland to create a short film with hometown kids battling the monster.

Kelly Doren, a Napa artist and cryptid enthusiast, describes one of the newest and most unusual Bay Area cryptids, the winged monkeys known as the "rebobs."

We also visit the biggest, best-known cryptid: Bigfoot. The hairy biped is said to roam all around Northern California, from the forests of Humboldt County to the mountains of Santa Cruz. Shannon Hughes of the Willow Creek - China Flat Museum and Michael Ruggs of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum both share their thoughts on the elusive creature. And finally, we head to the central coast to try to catch a glimpse of the mysterious "Dark Watchers," creatures mentioned even in the works of John Steinbeck.

It's a wild ride through the eerie areas of the Bay -- and we hope you'll join us!

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