Tech company issues statement after Bay Area job posting requires applicants be 'non-Asian'

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Saturday, February 13, 2021
Company issues statement after controversial Bay Area job posting
A now removed Bay Area job posting by a tech company on LinkedIn has drawn immense criticism for requiring applicants to be "non-Asian."

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A now removed Bay Area job posting by a tech company on LinkedIn has drawn immense criticism for requiring applicants to be "non-Asian."

Stephen Li's girlfriend was on LinkedIn earlier this month when she noticed a posting by the tech company Aptude. Upon closer inspection under "job requirements" were the words "non-Asian".

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"My girlfriend found it and was so shocked and she sent it to me. I definitely wasn't going to let it go unnoticed, so I decide I would post it on LinkedIn more as an effort to increase awareness both in the professional world and to get eyes from the company itself and from LinkedIn," said Stephen via text with ABC7 News anchor Dion Lim.

Many online were critical of the post, calling it "#racist" and one user expressing outrage, "Is this even real or am I hallucinating?" Others shared the job listing on the social media platform TikTok.

Since Stephen's post about the job listing on LinkedIn, both Aptude and LinkedIn issued apologies.

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Aptude's post said in part: "Upon discovery, we immediately removed the post from all channel and, launched an internal investigation." Which went on to thank those who brought the posting to their attention.

Several online users questioned what they saw as a lack of an apology.

LinkedIn posted, along with a link, to report inappropriate language and behavior this message: "We don't tolerate racism or hate of any kind. Our members expect and deserve a safe and trusted community where they can express themselves professionally."

Read Aptude's full statement below:

Please note the job posting was first brought to our attention on Tuesday, upon which we immediately took steps to remove it from all channels and to investigate how it occurred. Our investigation revealed that misunderstood communication was posted by an individual with no conceivable discriminatory intent. Aptude took steps to ensure no such posts occur in the future.

As a company with diverse leadership, we are especially sensitive to, and aggressively oppose, discrimination in any form. We deeply regret this occurrence, and we are especially saddened by the pain it caused and by the resulting misperception of our values. Aptude is, and takes great pride in being, a wholly diverse organization. The majority of our ownership, leadership, and staff consist of minorities, and all of us at Aptude are passionate about supporting diversity and the long overdue social change we are experiencing. We hope to be judged by our proven, diverse history and a place that welcomes all.