De La Creamery handcrafts nostalgic Mexican ice cream flavors and hosts 'Let's Spoon' podcast

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022
De La Creamery: Home of horchata ice cream and 'Let's Spoon' podcast
Listen to the "Let's Spoon" podcast as you dig into handcrafted ice cream with nostalgic Mexican flavors.

BERKELEY, Calif. -- For entrepreneur Stephanie De La Cruz, handcrafting nostalgic frozen treats isn't only a passion, it's also a lifestyle. Her business De La Creamery started with a craving for horchata ice cream.

"One day, I decided I wanted to make horchata ice cream. That was mostly because that was something that I thought sounded amazing, and I couldn't find it anywhere," described De La Cruz. "So, I made the flavor, and I thought the next best flavor to go with it would be a Mexican chocolate ice cream."

After extraordinary reception amongst friends and family, De La Cruz knew she was on to something special. In 2020, she started De La Creamery selling ice cream and vegan sorbets specializing in nostalgic Mexican flavors.

"My family grew up eating tons of Mexican food," said De La Cruz. "Making these items was so dear to the heart."

De La Creamery's ice creams are made with a rich custard base along with simple ingredients commonly found in Mexican kitchens.

Flavors include Elote, which is made with fresh sweet corn and swirled with habanero lime jam, Cafe de Olla, a Mexican-style coffee ice cream, Gansito, a vanilla ice cream with chunks of Gansito, and more!

"All of these are so deep-rooted in our culture, in what we eat, and our diets," explained De La Cruz.

When De La Cruz isn't spreading joy one scoop at a time, she's uplifting voices through her ice cream-themed podcast, "Let's Spoon."

"We interview ice cream makers throughout the nation. It's really hard to find Latina makers to interview," she said. "It's been a goal of mine to find more, to give them a platform to talk about where they're from, to have that connection with them."

To learn more and listen to "Let's Spoon," visit here.

De La Creamery is currently a pop-up, traveling throughout the Bay Area with a home base at Tahona Mercado in San Francisco. For more information, visit here and follow @delacreamery on IG for updates!