San Francisco woman determined to win embryo fight

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco doctor fighting to save her frozen embryos so she could become a mom is telling her story for the first time.

The woman at the center of a high profile legal battle with her ex-husband did an exclusive interview with ABC News. "I'm doing this for my babies," Mimi Lee said.

Lee is determined to become a mom. She spoke exclusively to ABC News' Amy Robach to discuss a bitter legal battle with her ex-husband Steven Findley over what happens to their frozen embryos.

When the couple was going through the process, Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer.

During the interview, Lee said it was critically important to her to preserve the ability to procreate.

At the center of this debate, are medical consent forms both parties signed at UCSF, which calls for the embryos to be destroyed if they got a divorce.

In closing arguments on Tuesday, Findley's attorney said the situation is black and white. "It's still agreement. The agreement is in this document at least 27 times."

But Lee's attorney argues it's not a binding contract and that his client has the right to change her mind.

The 46 year old now waits for a judge to make a life changing decision come November. "I stay focused on my babies and knowing that I'm there mom and I would do anything for them," Lee said.
Lee said she doesn't expect her ex-husband to be in her and potentially her children's life at all despite claims from her former husband that she would manipulate the situation and try to get money from him.

This will be a groundbreaking case since there are currently at least 1 million embryos in preservation across the country.
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