Feces vigilante: Woman rubs dog waste on neighbor's door in Michigan

DETROIT -- A disturbing act of revenge was caught on camera in Michigan, as a woman smeared dog feces on her neighbor's front door.

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Brenda Mullins said her neighbor's dogs kept going in her yard, but the dog's owner says Mullins never even mentioned the problem to them and instead took matters into her own hands.

She isn't denying it, saying after seeing the dogs in her yard again, it was the last straw.

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"I picked it up, I took it, I put it on her doorknob," Mullins said. "You didn't want to clean it up here, you're cleaning it up there. I don't want to be a vigilante, but I had to do what I had to do."

Mullins says the whole thing escalated farther than she expected.

However, she felt it was the only thing she could do to get her neighbors' attention.

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