4 dogs need loving home after owners die of COVID-19

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Thursday, February 25, 2021
4 dogs need loving home after owners die of COVID-19
A family of four bonded dogs is looking for a new forever home after both their owner and her dad died of COVID-19.

NEW YORK -- There is an urgent search to help find a new home for four dogs on Long Island after their owners died from COVID-19.

The Nassau County SPCA hopes to keep Oliver, Winston, Isabelle and Izzy all together.

The crew consists of two black labs, a boy and a girl, ages 5 and 6, a possible female Chihuahua mix that is 6 and a 5-year-old male boxer.

The dogs' owner was hospitalized with coronavirus while her father, who was also battling the virus himself, was home caring for the dogs.

However, the day-to-day care for the dogs became too much for him.

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The Nassau County SPCA took them in so he could focus on getting better and help his daughter recover.

The rescue organization assured him that all four dogs would be there waiting for him when his daughter got released from the hospital.

One day after they took the dogs in, their owner's dad had to be hospitalized. He died a few days later.

"We were all so hopeful the daughter would recover and she would have her babies to come home to," officials with Nassau County SPCA said. "Unfortunately that reunion will never happen as Oliver, Winston, Isabel and Izzy lost their mom this past week. They've lost everything."

While it is a heartbreaking story, the organization said they are determined to keep the dogs' tails wagging and help them find a new home.

Click here if you would like to make a donation to help with the dogs' care until they find a new home.