Must-Have Items For Your Dog

ByEmma Zlotowitz
Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Dogs are part of the family, and many deserve to be spoiled with gifts and treats. Below is a list of must-have pet products that deserve a round of a-paws.

1. Furbo Dog Camera - $199

The Furbo Dog Camera benefits the dog and its parents! Pet owners can now livestream their pets right from their phones. Furbo's Barking Sensor detects barking dogs, so the owner can talk to them, calm them down, and give them treats via the Furbo app.

Image credit: Amazon

2. Orvis AirFoam Couch Dog Bed - $298.50 - $359.25

Dogs deserve the ultimate comfort experience. Shaped like a couch and designed to respond to a dog's body and temperature for personalized comfort, this item will have any dog lounging all day while re-binging Abbott Elementary.

Image credit: Orvis

3. Burt's Bees for Puppies Natural Tearless 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner - $7.25

Safe for all dogs and puppies, Burt's Bees Shampoo and Conditioner has all-natural ingredients, including buttermilk, which soothes skin and softens hair, and linseed oil, which deeply conditions a puppy's coat.

Image credit: Amazon

4. Slow Feeder Bowl for Kibble - $15.99

For pet parents with speed-eaters on their hands, this is a must-have! These slow-feeder dog bowls feature meal-lengthening ridges to help slow a dog's eating time by 10X.

Image credit: Amazon

5. Dog Water Bottle - $18.99

Thirsty dog? No problem! Dogs can now stay hydrated everywhere with this easy and compact water bottle. Simply press the water key to fill the water, and release it to stop the water. Those long walks just get longer.

Image credit: Amazon

6. Purina Beggin' Strips - $20.99

These bacon-y treats will get any dog's tail wagging. Real bacon is the first ingredient in these dog treats. No artificial flavoring here. The aroma of the bag alone will have all dogs salivating. They'll be beggin' for Beggin'!

Image credit: PetSmart

7. Teething Stick for Puppies - $4.70

The Cooling Teething Stick is ideal for puppies growing in their adult teeth and needing a toy they can gnaw on! Satisfy a pup's urge to chomp by providing them with a teething toy rather than them finding your loafers...

Image credit: Amazon

8. Stain & Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor - $19.97

A necessity for all pet parents. If it's gross, it's gone. Not just the stain but the odor. The Stain & Odor Eliminator will remove all unwanted smells and stains. It's also safe to use around pets and kids.

Image credit: Amazon

9. Chewy Goody Box - $27.99

Chewy provides gift boxes for our furry friends! From toys to treats, dogs will go crazy over these fun surprises. Boxes are designed for all dogs and their needs, so there's something special for everyone!

Image credit: Chewy

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