The Power of The Melanie Dolls!

ByChaz Miller Localish logo
Friday, February 25, 2022
The Power of The Melanie Dolls!
A college student in Houston has created a line of Black dolls for representation, truth, and empowerment!

HOUSTON, Texas -- Datreese Thomas was struggling when she came up with the idea to create The Melanie Dolls, which is a Black doll company aimed at inspiring, educating, and empowering young girls.

"I was eventually going to have to go back home," said Thomas, a San Antonio native who attends the University of Houston. "I got so low."

Thomas says she prayed "a great prayer," and came up with the idea for The Melanie Dolls.

"I'm just glad people are becoming aware of the lack of Black representation in retail," said Thomas. "I've gotten back such positive reviews."

Her first doll, which was inspired by Breonna Taylor, sold out instantly thanks to a TikTok post that went viral.

Thomas plans to release a doll inspired by Angela Davis later this year.

So what makes The Melanie Dolls different than any other product on the market?

"Truth," she said. "I feel like I created each doll from a truthful spot in myself that properly represents Black people."