Houston artist Paperbag puts spotlight on mental health

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Thursday, February 23, 2023
Houston artist uses paper bags to highlight mental health
Dominique Silva, also known as Paperbag, showcases social justice issues and raises mental health awareness through his artwork

HOUSTON, Texas -- Dominique Silva, who also goes by the name Paperbag, is sending a message about mental health through his paintings.

His first Paperbag project was a self-portrait of himself with a paper bag on his face.

Silva said he was afraid to express what he was going through mentally, feeling that no one knew what he was going through. He realized that he was not alone and that others were going through the same circumstances.

Silva also highlights walking through life as a Black man in his artwork. He embraces the negative and positive experiences of being Black in America.

He is hosting a free Black History Month art show called "Free Man" February 23-25 at Arcadia Lighting Studio.