Pro-Donald Trump march, counter-protesters expected in Berkeley

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Marches are scheduled all over the country Saturday by those who say they want to show support for President Donald Trump.

One of those events is planned for Berkeley where it's already stirring up controversy.

"I think it is a civil rights issue. That people who support Donald Trump, who support the President have a right to make that known," Berkeley College Republicans member Jack Palkovic told ABC7.

Palkovic says he plans to participate in a march on Saturday.

A video and a Facebook event page announced the protest organized by Rich Black. He's listed as the Bay Area contact on the national "March 4 Trump."

But, he says he didn't plan it that way. "Funny enough I'm not actually a Trump supporter," Black said.

What he says he does support is free speech - a right he believes was violated when a lecture by former Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopolous was canceled amid protests and vandalism. "They believe it's okay to shut down those aiming to express themselves."

The Berkeley College Republicans brought Yiannopolous to campus, but they say they're not affiliated with Saturday's event.

"We're actually advising members not to go because it might get dangerous-sort of like what happened on the milo night," Palkovic said. But, that's exactly why some members want to march.

"We want to participate in something that's quite visible and makes known that we're not going to be intimidated by these people," Palkovic said.

The group By Any Means Necessary is planning a counter protest. They plan to meet at noon - two hours ahead of the Pro-Trump march.

Both sides insist it won't be a repeat of last time.

Berkeley's spokesman said police have not received an application for a demonstration, and haven't issued any permits.

He refused repeated requests to speak about it on camera.
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