Students rush court after basketball player with Down syndrome hits game-ending 3-point shot

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Thursday, February 11, 2016
VIDEO: Brothers guard each other on senior night
When Robert Lewis hit a game-ending 3-point shot, students from both schools rushed the court to celebrate.

When team manager Robert Lewis hit a game-ending 3-point basket for his school on Senior Night, fans from both sides went wild.

Robert, who has Down syndrome, got to suit up and play with Franklin Road Academy's basketball team on Feb. 5 in Nashville. Making his evening even more special, Robert was guarded by his brother, Matthew, who plays for University School of Nashville (USN).

With just five seconds left in the game, Robert's school was leading, 61-47. A teammate passed the ball to Robert, who was waiting beyond the 3-point line. When Robert sank the shot, cheers filled the auditorium. As the clock ran out, students rushed the court and hoisted Robert on their shoulders.

"There was a lot of love in that gym -- from both sides," Judy Lewis, Robert and Matthew's mother, told

Editorial Note: An earlier version of this story misreported that the game had been tied 64-64 and Robert's basket won the game.