Dublin Elementary dealing with leaks again, school board responds

DUBLIN, Calif. (KGO) -- Dublin Elementary School is leaking, again. The oldest school in the district discovered this round of building issues after the Thanksgiving break.

"We did have some damage to a couple of classrooms. We relocated two of those rooms to other areas yesterday to make sure that we could clean up the space and have it prepared for instruction," said Principal Lauren McGovern.

The roof also leaked last year at the school. Parents have begged the school board to fund building improvements, but the board voted last month to delay any funding. These recent ceiling leaks have parents dealing with several emotions.

"It's sadness and anger and disbelief and it's just shocking because you expect more. A lot of people say they moved to Dublin because they have good schools and then you start to see it's just unsafe at some times," said parent Ana Rodriguez.

Parents took pictures of the latest issues and posted them on Facebook. The pictures seemed to tip the scales. Last night, the school board reversed course and voted to fund improvements.

"It looks like a little over $33 million is coming our way to help modernize our facility. The campus is really excited about that. Lots of people today shouting our slogan 'fins up!' Smiles and high fives in the hallway, people are elated and kids excited too," McGovern said.

"I am grateful to hear they are finally listening. Now that they've seen a lot of the damage, pictures that parents are sharing," Rodriguez said.

Crews are on the roof today trying to patch the recent holes. The principal hopes to get the kids back into their classrooms ASAP but also doesn't want to rush it. She wants the rooms to be 100 percent safe. She also doesn't know the timeline yet of the renovations. But she wants to assure parents that instruction is continuing and they are prepared to keep kids safe in this old building.

"This is an older campus. It has gone through many years of wear and tear for sure. We really appreciate the support in our community to make sure we get these things fixed. We know how to handle it. We are in position and we have processes in place that we know how to execute right away in partnership with our district office to make sure we are cleaning up, keeping spaces clean and making sure hazards are out of the way and our kids are safe," McGovern said.
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