Racially insensitive video sparks outrage at San Ramon Valley High School

DANVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- One student's action at San Ramon Valley High School has some irked some parents in the East Bay. The student posted a radically insensitive video against Muslims. Initially, the school district took action against the student, but after his parents sued, the district backed off.

"It was a couple of kids dressed up," said parent Karen Pearce. "It was some sort of terrorist thing.

Pearce described the short, offensive video against Muslims a student from San Ramon Valley High posted on Twitter.

"Anybody who has raised a boy or even girls nowadays, you just grab your camera, you type something and you don't think about it or you say something." Pearce told ABC7 News.

She is more troubled by how the school district has handled the matter, posting on her Facebook page in bold letters: Doing the right thing isn't always easy, but it's always right.

According to Pearce, the young man was campaigning for student government and was trying to gain more votes. But ironically, when a student at SRVHS takes on a leadership role he or she signs a behavior contract, promising to be a role model for others.

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Pearce says initially, the school told the student he could no longer be in a leadership role. That's when his parents took legal action.

The school district admitted they were forced to comply.

"And when students exercise those first amendment right how it makes other students feel, it's a classic conflict that we deal with as a school and as a school district," said Elizabeth Graswich of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

When asked if this was a hate message Graswich replied, "Again there are first amendment rights."

"While I would never deny anybody first amendment rights, I think in this case there may have been a situation where one child's first amendment rights are superseding the school's right to maintain that caring and respectful environment," Pearce told ABC7 News.

She says the student will now have a major role within the associated student body without ever apologizing.
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