'Thor' is now a woman, here's who'd be a lightning-worthy movie lead

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Marvel announced on "The View" today a shocking new twist in their comic book folklore: Thor, the God of Thunder, is now a woman. Yep, the hammer wielding character is switching genders, and frankly we're all for it.

Now this doesn't mean though that Chris Hemsworth is going to be kicked out of "The Avengers" for a new iron-clad actress. As of now, the change is only reflected in the comic books, not the movies. But if they did make a "Thor" movie with a female lead, here's who we think would be a hammer-worthy star.

Jennifer Lawrence

Arthur Mola

Seeing how Lawrence has been kicking butt as Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games" series and already is a Marvel alumni from the new "X-Men" films, she'd be the most obvious choice to wield the hammer in a female "Thor" flick.

Amanda Seyfried

AP/Jordan Strauss

Seyfried has showcased her mystical and musical chops over the years, and seeing how her hair color closely resembles that of Chris Hemsworth, she'd be a great addition to Odin's not-so-happy family.

Michelle Rodriguez

AP/Jon Furniss

Rodriguez is known for her no-holds-barred, kick ass female characters, most prevalent in the "Fast and Furious" franchise. She'd wield one mighty hammer as Thor.

Natalie Portman

AP/Greg Allen

Having some sort of plot line where Portman's character takes up the lightning mantle after "The Avengers" films close would be a great way to keep the series alive.

Reese Witherspoon

AP/Paul A. Herbert

Witherspoon hasn't done a comic book movie yet, and judging by her prior feisty and passionate performances, she's long overdue.

Kristen Bell

AP/Wade Payne

She held her own as Anna in "Frozen," and knew how to throw a punch or two in "Veronica Mars," making her a natural fit for the lightning goddess.

If they made a "Thor" movie with a female lead, which actress would you like to see wield the mighty hammer? Let us know in the comments below!