Experts say swarm of East Bay quakes good reminder to be prepared

DANVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- Alyssa Hughes lives in Alamo, only a mile from the epicenter of the latest earthquake to rattle the East Bay.

The 3.3 tremor was an early wake-up call. It jolted some people out of bed at 4:55 a.m.

"I was awake, just finished feeding the baby and heard something that sounded like thunder," said Hughes. "And then things rocked and rolled. I was here in 1989 for the Loma Prieta quake and I thought is this the start of another big one," said Jan Rohde from Danville.

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This follows a group of other small earthquakes in the San Ramon Valley over the weekend. They are mostly 2's and 3's and only some are felt.

Jan Rohde, from Danville, felt one on Sunday. "It had a little rolling and then it was a big jolt."

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A similar but larger earthquake swarm shook the Danville area in February. USGS Geophysicist Brian Kilgore says most of the earthquakes are centered between two faults - the Calaveras and the Concord faults.

The two swarms, so close together, boils down to a coincidence. "The San Ramon Valley has produced earthquake swarms like this half a dozen times or more since 1970," he said.

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Kilgore says the small earthquakes do not mean a bigger one is coming. But they should be a reminder to everyone in earthquake country - be prepared.

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