Eyelash extensions can cause severe allergic reactions

Thursday, February 12, 2015
Eyelash extensions.

Concern is growing about the safety of eyelash extensions.

Technicians glue synthetic lashes individually to each natural lash, but Natasha Pieper of Houston says her eyes were damaged by the extensions she received last year.

"My eyes were swollen up to my eyebrows, then my eyes were completely bloodshot and totally red, very itchy, lots of burning," said Pieper.

"Symptoms that last for more than a day, anything associating with pain in the eyes or decreased vision should prompt a visit to an eye care professional," said Dr. Anthony Aldave.

Pieper believes the culprit was the glue.

Experts say the formaldehyde contained in glues used by some salons can cause allergic reactions, like the one she suffered.

The Association for Damage Free Eyelash Extensions says properly applied eyelash extensions are not dangerous, and the adhesives should not contain formaldehyde.