Report details workplace diversity at Facebook

MENLO PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- A new study shows Facebook has a long way to go to improve diversity among its workforce. And now, advocacy groups are issuing the call for the social media giant to rise to the challenge.

Facebook first released its diversity numbers in June 2014. A year later not much has changed, at least when you look at the numbers. Check out the latest data released from Facebook: the number of women increased by just 1% over the past year, since Facebook released its diversity figures in June 2014. Currently, 68% of Facebook employees are men and 32% are women; that's just a 1% difference compared to the 2014 numbers.

Ethnicity has not changed much over the past year at the social network. Facebook employs a slightly higher percentage of Asians compared to last year and slightly less whites. Combined, they make up 91% of the company -- the same as 2014. Other ethnicities percentages did not change.

Despite the statistics, Facebook says its diversity hiring numbers are trending up. In a blog on its website, Maxine Williams, the global director of diversity, says they are trying creative approaches to increase the diversity of Facebook's population. That includes interviewing more qualified candidates from underrepresented groups, increasing the training opportunities for students early in their college careers and also training managers about bias in the workplace.

Of course diversity isn't just an issue for Facebook, it's an issue for all of the tech industry. Currently 85% of all tech employees are men.
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