Engagement with fake news on Facebook has risen 242% since 2016, study says

SAN FRANCSICO (KGO) -- A new study finds more people are now engaging with "fake news" on Facebook during this election cycle compared to 2016.

A striking figured came out of this study.

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The number of interactions with false content has spiked 242-percent since 2016.

Researchers say the content comes from sites that act as news organizations, but repeatedly publish false material.

They say that in order to spot the difference between real and fake stories, check the outlet it's coming from and what evidence they are using to make the claim.

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Researchers say social media companies need to implement policy changes to better protect users from misinformation.

"Over the past four years we've built the largest fact-checking network of any platform, made investments in highlighting original, informative reporting, and changed our products to ensure fewer people see false information and are made aware of it when they do," a spokesperson for Facebook told ABC News,
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