New Jersey friends unite to help local businesses and frontline workers

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020
New Jersey friends unite to help local businesses
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The life lessons learned on the football field inspired Tomas Flores and his childhood friends to raise funds to help local businesses and frontline workers.

FORT LEE, New Jersey -- The life lessons learned on the football field has kept Tomas Flores and his friends united for over 30 years.

Once the effects of the coronavirus pandemic began to impact New Jersey, the group of friends knew they had to take action.

"The life lessons we learned were friendship, loyalty, and the call to action. I believe in the power of team sports and collectively we continue to be a team," said Flores.

Witnessing the impact of the pandemic on local businesses and the bravery of healthcare workers, the group decided to raise funds through GoFundMe to purchase meals from local restaurants and then provide those meals to healthcare workers throughout various New Jersey hospitals.

"We are raising money to help feed healthcare professionals who are putting their health in jeopardy and at the same time helping small businesses that are grasping for a lifeline as well," said Flores.

As of right now and with the help of donors and the local community, the group has raised almost $50,000 which has helped them feed frontline workers at Hackensack University Medical Center, Holy Name Hospital, and Englewood Medical Center.

"As long as we continue to receive donations and be able to help our local restaurant afloat, and provide meals to our healthcare workers, that's where we'll continue to grow," said Flores.


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