Big Sur added to Fodor's list of travel destinations to avoid in 2020

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Big Sur added to Fodor's no travel list
Online travel guide Fodor's has added Big Sur to its no travel list for 2020. The publication says the destination is suffering from over-tourism because of the hit show "Big Little Lies".

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you're planning a trip to Big Sur, you might want to think twice. Fodor's Travel has added the popular tourist destination to its list of places you should avoid in 2020.

The publication says "over-tourism" is one of the reasons for their decision. Fodor's also blamed illegal camping, writing that "locals lament in the lack of public bathrooms and the disgusting roadside consequences."

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Big Sur has seen an increase in tourism since the HBO series "Big Little Lies" debuted. Many fans have flocked to the Bixby Bridge, which is featured in the show.

Officials are working on a plan to accommodate the boom in tourism and balance it with the needs of locals.

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Other cities that made this year's list of destinations to avoid: Barcelona, Spain, Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple complex and Bali, Indonesia.