Photos released of suspect in beating at Fremont Denny's, mother pleas for his capture

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Fremont mother asks for help finding man who brutally beat son at Denny's, photos released
New surveillance photos show the person wanted for a bloody attack on a customer at a Denny's restaurant in Fremont.

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- New surveillance photos show the person wanted for a bloody attack on a customer at a Denny's restaurant in Fremont.

Frederick Ibonie is now at home recuperating from his brutal beating Sunday, after coming to the defense of an employee who was being verbally attacked by a man who said he was a Door Dash driver.

The picture of the victim is hard to look at. A picture showing Ibonie brutally beaten. A broken nose and palate, ten stitches in his lip, teeth punched out of place.

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"I feel like, I look like a monster right now."

But a monster, the 35-year-old is not. On the contrary-- Ibonie stood up for a Denny's employee who was being harassed by a belligerent customer Sunday morning.

Frederick's mother Paula says police need the public's help.

"My plea is everybody looks at his picture, cause this guy's dangerous."

It was believed initially that his assailant was a Door Dash driver. Investigators say as of Tuesday morning, there's no evidence of that.

Iboni says he tried calming the man down when he was sucker punched. Doctors and his mother says he believes he was hit repeatedly in the face-- more than once to inflict such serious wounds. He remembers just one punch.

Paula tells us her son was taken to Oakland's Highland Hospital Monday for emergency surgery to work on his jaw and to save his teeth.

"They put it back into position and wired everything together."

The sad irony is that Frederick's father was also viciously attacked 15 years ago by four men during a robbery outside a CITI bank ATM.

"Six fractures of his skull was the least of his troubles. He broke everything. Severe brain injury. He'll never work again."

That's why Paula says her son, a restaurant worker, moved back into the family home. To help his mother care for his disabled father-- and even help them financially.

Police showed Paula video from an outside security camera which they have yet to release to the media. She says it proves her son was not physically confrontational.

"I saw a part of the video. His hands he never raised his hands. He was just like, 'hey, we need to calm down.'"

His mother tells ABC7news, Frederick still needs to undergo Maxio-facial surgery to completely repair the broken bones in his face. But that'll require money which they don't have. He did not have health insurance.

Fremont police tell ABC7news that Door Dash just Tuesday morning contacted them saying that there is an employee, presumably a delivery worker, they'd like investigators to look at.

We're told the night shift will begin investigating that person starting Tuesday night.

A GoFund Me page has been set up to help pay for Ibonie's medical care.