Happy Friendsgiving! ABC7 Midday Live team shares secret recipes topped off with a surprise

ByEric Shackelford KGO logo
Thursday, November 26, 2020
ABC7 Midday Live team shares secret recipes for Thanksgiving
ABC7 Midday Live team shares secret recipes for Thanksgiving

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Nothing will stop the Midday Live team from holding its annual Friendsgiving special - even if it does look a lot different.

There were new recipes, old recipes and then there's Reggie's "recipe" - we are using quotation marks loosely. Check out the video above to see the dishes and reactions because not everything went perfectly.

Plus, the entire team got a surprise from an old friend.

So what did everyone bring?

Mike Nicco

Mike tried something different this year. His wife, Mrs. Nicco, typically wins Friendsgiving with her sweet treats, but they switched it up by creating a new-style Green Bean Casserole. It involves bacon - which is a gamechanger. It also has brown sugar and soy sauce - ingredients you may not think of when you're making a green bean casserole but by the looks of it, this needs to be a staple in every household.

Reggie Aqui

Who can forget Reggie's stovetop stuffing debacle of 2019? Definitely not Kumasi Aaron:

Luckily, everyone has to remain distant this year so no one got a chance to try Reggie's creation: Cranberry cheese dip. It's as disgusting as it sounds. His ingredients are canned cranberry, cheese and crackers. His pro-tip is to make sure everything comes in a package so it's super easy to gross everyone out.

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Kristen Sze

Kristen brought her top-notch dessert game this year, but barely. Her family couldn't keep their hands off her Chocolate Champion-Chip Cookies - she only had a few left to bring in for Friendsgiving. The recipe is extremely detailed but totally worth it. It's all laid out in the video above.

Kumasi Aaron

Shop local! Kumasi supported a local business bringing in a pie from Pie Society by Angela Pinkerton. She echoed a message that is more important than ever: support local businesses. The pie she brought in should be framed - it looked perfect!

From everyone at Midday Live, have a safe holiday season and when in doubt avoid any type of dish suggestions from Reggie.

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