Documents reveal complaints against Ghost Ship warehouse

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The revelation that no city building inspector had been inside that Ghost Ship warehouse in 30 comes less than 24 hours after Mayor Libby Schaaf released some documents. They detail 10 complaints about the warehouse and an adjacent lot, some of them were as recently as last month.

The city of Oakland revealed 32 pages of detailed documents related to complaints on two properties. The most recent visit was just last month.

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Complaints were made about the structure and adjacent lot on November 13. The description:

"there is a ton of garbage piling up on this property"

"...the main building was a remodel for residential."

"...looks very bad and creates a health issue."

Inspectors visited the property on November 17, snapping pictures of debris piled in front of and next to the Ghost Ship warehouse. They visited the warehouse again on November 18, but could not gain access to the inside of the building, the inspector wrote "...cannot see if there is an illegal building from the sidewalk."

"The routine procedure which was followed, if you can't gain entry to a building you send a request to the owner, requesting such entry," said Schaaf.

The city planning and building department issued a violation to the owner on November 21 to clean up the debris, and was scheduled to re-inspect the property on January 16.

The released reports also show inspectors had been out to the Ghost Ship warehouse before for similar complaints; twice in 2014, and once in 2005.

Mayor Schaaf has promised a full, and transparent investigation into how this tragedy unfolded. That investigation will include police and fire records, as well as other city and county agencies.

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