Digital eye strain: Why you may have it and what you can do about it

ByJohanna Trupp, Lataya Rothmiller, Emily Sowa and Mark Nunez Localish logo
Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Digital eye strain: Why you may have it and what you can do about it
I got my eyes checked and found a bacteria buildup on my waterline. Oh, and I need special glasses to look at screens.Digital eye strain from screen time can cause everything from headaches and migraines to dry eyes and blurry vision.

NEW YORK CITY -- Did you know screen time can cause issues such as headaches, fatigue, blurry vision, dry eyes and more? It's called digital eye strain.

"Your eye muscles are working harder to focus on images much closer" said Dr. Jennifer Tsai, optometrist and founder of Line of Sight.

The real problem is that digital eye strain will likely affect the majority of people in time.

"In 10 years, half of the world's population will be nearsighted."

As if we needed another worldwide worry.

Personally, I noticed my vision getting blurry when looking at my screens toward the end of the day. I would notice rings of lights around images when editing. My friend Lataya, also an editor and producer, noticed the same issues.

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I thought I could combat the issue by myself with blue light blocker glasses, but it turns out I needed a little more help than that. So Lataya and I went to Line of Sight to get a full consultation.

Dr. Tsai brings a lifestyle approach to eye care. She gets an idea of your day-to-day life and comes up with a treatment plan that will work best for you. Line of Sight also gives off more of a spa feel than that of a doctor's office, which really puts you at ease.

Best of all? Dr. Tsai has cutting-edge technology and treatment options, so there's something for everyone.

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