Credits for races at go-kart track accidentally lost during pandemic

ByMichael Finney and Randall Yip via KGO logo
Saturday, October 22, 2022
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A local man had to put the brakes on his need for speed when he discovered the credits he had built up at a local go-kart facility had been wiped out.

UNION CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- A local man had to put the brakes on his need for speed when he discovered the credits he had built up at a local go-kart facility had been wiped out.

Jody Wong has what he calls a "Turbo Honda Civic."

"It has some of the latest in Honda's engineering and handling. So it actually handles quite well," he said.

Wong has a fascination with cars. He posts numerous photos of vehicles on his Facebook page.

In July, he went into K1 Speed to take advantage of the free race it offers as a birthday promotion.

He also wanted to use one of the six credits he thought he still had on his race card.

"Oh, I like doing things fast... kind of an adrenaline rush," Wong said.

But he discovered he had no credits.

"And then they said, 'Oh, you don't have any credits.' It's like what do you mean, I don't have any credits. I have a whole bunch of credits," said Wong.

He says during the pandemic somehow how all his credits disappeared.

Wong recalls K1 telling him it went to a new record keeping system and his credits didn't show up in the new system.

"It's kind of like a gift card where they can't just erase your credit. But they did," he said.

A local K1 racing facility suggested he take up his dispute with corporate.

That's what Wong did, but he says the company again said it had no record of his credits.

So he decided to speed on over to his computer and contact 7 On Your Side. 7 On Your Side contacted K1 Speed.

The company blamed the discrepancy on a technical issue.

It told 7 On Your Side: "We issued the credits he was supposed to have back into his account on July 29. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience he experienced."

Apparently that message failed to get to Wong until 7 On Your Side notified him very recently.

Nonetheless, Wong is happy.

"OK, it's a win-win. I'll go back to K1 and spend more money there," he said.

Wong tells us in his free time he works with the youth at his church and tells them to leave their fast driving skills on the K1 track and not take it into the street.

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