'Goatternship' hires 200 goats to help keep power on

ByJesse Kirsch Localish logo
Friday, June 26, 2020
'Goatternship' hires 200 goats to help keep power on
Goats are snacking to help keep the power on!

CHICAGO -- Electric utility ComEd has hired over 200 qualified candidates for its new "Goatternship" program.

You read that right: Goats are getting on the job experience, which for them means munching on vegetation. And lucky for ComEd, that snacking helps clear foliage away from power lines, which can help prevent power outages!

"This is a really serious job but these goats are really good at it," said Emily Kramer, manager for ComEd vegetation management.

"There are deep ravines because there are rivers and creeks going through," Kramer explained of the areas surrounding some power lines.

"They use their four legs, they're able to balance effectively, they've got the feet for it," said Kramer of the goats' hike.

Plus, she added, using goats as opposed to crews with machinery is half the cost, takes half the time, and is sustainable because it reduces the amount of herbicide needed.

Not baaaaaad!