Eagle steals golf ball, returns it one hole later

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
(YouTube, bonecoho)
YouTube, bonecoho-KGO

In golf, an "eagle" usually means scoring two strokes under par for a particular hole.

But for Joe Saletto, "eagle" took on a whole different meaning.

Check out what happened last week on the 12th hole of North Bellingham Golf Course in Washington State. You can see the golf balls on the green and the bald eagle that first seems to play with one of the balls. What happens next is even more wild: The bird just flies away with the ball!

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That's amazing enough...but it's not the end of Saletto's national "birdie" adventure.

On the very next hole, you can see the golfers walking up to the tee box. And there's the same eagle, with the stolen golf ball.

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He placed it on the 13th box, all ready for Saletto to tee off. What a team player!