Chris Carmack talks new season of 'Grey's Anatomy,' releasing music with wife

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020
'Grey's Anatomy' star talks new season, music career
"Grey's Anatomy" star Chris Carmack gives On The Red Carpet a preview of the new season and talks releasing music with his wife, Erin Slaver.

"Grey's Anatomy" star Chris Carmack has had a busy quarantine. Not only has he returned to work to film season 17, but he's also released new music with his wife, Erin Slaver, as the duo Life on Eris.

The couple met on the set of "Nashville" and said they have always helped each other write music for their respective careers. Now, they have just released their first EP together titled "Stonewall."

The title track offers an intimate look inside the psychology of a marriage, a concept the couple was keen to explore especially since many are self-isolating at home with their significant others.

"As everything played out, everything happening in the world right now, it just became more and more important for us to put out this message," Slaver said.

"It's very easy to feel isolated in these times and we wanted to let people know that they're not alone," Carmack added.

Speaking of isolation, Carmack said that returning to work can be lonely at times, as the cast must follow strict safety protocols and keep their distance from each other. Regardless, the actor, who plays Dr. Atticus Lincoln, is excited to be back at work, telling the stories of the health heroes who have been carrying us through the coronavirus pandemic.

"We are all very proud of the healthcare industry that has been out there on the front lines and we're getting to tell some of these stories to honor their heroics through all of this," Carmack said.

Despite the heavy subject matter, "Grey's Anatomy" will still be the same drama you know and love.

"Believe it or not, there's gonna be a little sexiness," Carmack teased. "It's not just gonna be all masks and COVID wards, but there's gonna be a lot of that."

"Grey's Anatomy" returns to ABC on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 9p.m. ET/PT | 8 p.m. CT.