Halloween is approaching: This SF restauranteur reports several spooky sightings at his business

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Saturday, October 22, 2022
SF restauranteur reports several spooky sightings at his business
The owner of a SF Mission district restaurant is reporting several spooky sightings at his business as Halloween approaches.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Halloween is approaching and everywhere we turn, we see pumpkins, witches and ghosts of the decorative kind. But one San Francisco restaurant owner reports several sightings of what may be a lost soul lurking.

Fall seems to have arrived in San Francisco's Mission District. The wind and falling leaves remind us that the end is near. We took refuge here at a restaurant after the owner invited us in.

We asked him how things were going.

"Fine, all things considered," he responded with a slight hesitation.

All things considered? We asked him to elaborate.

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"One of our employees thought he saw an extra person downstairs, did a double take and then realized nobody was there. Like a ghost," the owner said.

Geoffrey Lee the owner and chef of the super popular Handroll Project in the Mission told us more about these close encounters.

"There's been reports of containers flying across the room during prep and the lights going on and off in the employee restroom upstairs," Lee said.

It's a fact that this location was once also a restaurant named Platanos, which translated to "Plantains" in Spanish. The chef of Platanos died after a fight with a neighbor.

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Perhaps that chef is now lurking. In any case, Lee thinks this is a friendly ghost.

"I mean no one has been hurt so far," he said and laughed.

Just in case, I visited my favorite spiritual store, Botanica Yoruba. I told the owner about the spirit in the restaurant and asked for recommendations.

The owner introduced me to all kinds of items to help calm the spirit, including sage. She also recommended a candle.

But in the end, I opted for the sage and brought it to Lee.

"Sage, thank you so much," he said.

And just like that, our job here was done, just another day appeasing troubled souls.

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