Chicago area stylist turns her salon into plant store, gives away free plants

ByTaylor Musgrove Localish logo
Monday, March 28, 2022
Chicago area stylist transforms her salon into plant store
This stylist turned her hair salon into a plant shop during the pandemic -- and now she gives away free plants!

FLOSSMOOR, Ill. -- TJ Johnson is a hair stylist based in the Chicago suburb of Flossmoor. The mother of three says once the pandemic impacted her hair salon, she had to find a new stream of income.

"I was already a crazy plant lady and I thought of a way to make some extra money," Johnson said. "So I actually started a website and then that just kind of steamrolled into what we have here today."

Now Johnson owns Herbs and the Burbs, a plant shop located in the south suburbs of Chicago.

"Herbs and the Burbs is community," Johnson said. "Herbs and the Burbs is my passion project. Herbs and the Burbs is my own little contribution to helping people's mental health."

Every weekend, Johnson hosts "Free Plant Saturday," an event where she gives out free plants and teaches her clients how to care for these herbs. The entrepreneur said this has significantly grown her clientele.

"I have several regular plant customers, regular clients. They go from customers, to clients, to family," Johnson said.

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