Up to $6,000 will be 'hidden' across three cities in CA -- here's how you can cash in

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Hidden Cash scavenger hunt returns to Fresno
Hidden Cash scavenger hunt returns to Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. -- You have an opportunity to cash in on some free money this Thursday.

The scavenger hunt craze that had hundreds of people scouring Woodward Park in Fresno four years ago is making a comeback.

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Last time it was here, nearly $2,000 was stashed away in secret spots and even stuffed inside Pez dispensers.

People also found envelopes each filled with $75 in cash.

Silver dollar coins were also hidden.

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The twitter account "Hidden Cash" announced three dates this week with $6,000 up for grabs.

October 18 in Fresno, October 19 in Los Angeles, and October 20 in Carlsbad.

Action News caught up with the founder of the twitter-based movement four years ago which may be a clue as to why he's planning a return to Fresno.

"Every time I posted something about potentially coming to Fresno or even a couple of other cities in the Central Valley, the response was so positive and overwhelming that it made me convinced that we have to come here," Jason Buzi said.

The tweet does say there are limited spots available and urges people to register through the online slot machine website: bit.ly/ slotomaniacash.