'Speed Cubers' gather in East Bay for top Rubik's Cube compeititon

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- The East Bay became the epicenter for a gathering of California's best Rubik's Cube competitors.

An elite group of "Speed Cubers," as they're called, showed off their incredible speed and fast fingers for top honors on Saturday in Hayward.

There were almost 100 of them competitors.

Some of the categories included solving cubes while blindfolded or with the use of only one hand!

"There really isn't a trick. If you want to learn it, you just need patience. If you want to do it fast, you've got to practice a lot," said one of the "speed Cubers."

The top talent, who really wanted to show off their skills, competed with more unconventional looking Rubik's Cubes.
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