Shoppers can save money using these apps for last minute holiday gifts

ByJeff Ehling KGO logo
Monday, December 21, 2020
Apps to help with last minute gift shopping
There are still options if you want to avoid crowds, but need gifts quickly.

If you missed the holiday shipping deadlines, you'll be forced to hit the stores to get your gifts. If you find yourself in this position, there are ways to make it rewarding by using some apps on your phone.

The first must-have app turns your phone into a bar code scanner. "Shop Savvy" uses the camera on your phone to compare prices in stores to those it finds online. It is super helpful if you're trying to get the store to price match.

If you're shopping online, "Honey" is the best site to find and apply those discount codes that take a percentage off. You can install it in your browser, or use the mobile app.

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Rebate apps are another way to turn shopping into savings. There are two apps that we like a lot.

"Rakuten" gives you money back if you buy something from one of their partners. You can cash in on your commission through PayPal, or they will send you a check.

"Ibotta" is similar in that it offers cash back for purchases through their app or browser extension. One difference there is that you can submit receipts after a purchase using your phone's camera.

One app that does all of these is "Capital One Shopping." It has a scanner, coupon code search and cash back, all-in-one.

The final app for shopping isn't a shopping app at all. It's a password app called "Last Pass."

In addition to storing all your passwords, the app auto-fills your name, credit card information and address for all your purchases. "Last Pass" is encrypted to keep your information secure.

One more tip to save time. If you're ordering online, you can get the gift delivered to the store instead of your home. Major retailers often give you that option, and it's a bit easier than fighting the crowds in the store.

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